Cycle Philly is a smartphone-based project to collect voluntary data on cyclists’ bike route preferences. The data generated supplements the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission’s existing demographic data, and helps us understand from a network perspective how bicyclists move through the city — and provide another data resource to help prioritize improvements.


What does it do? Records bicycle trips and provides data to regional transportation planners to make Philly a better place to ride.
Outcome Makes Philly is a better place to ride — More bicycle trips. Less pollution.
Project page
Organizations Code for Philly, City of Philadelphia, Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission
Contact persons Corey Acri


Source code (backend for apps and web tools), (Android app), (iOS app)
Data used No
Data generated Yes
Tech stack Java (Android app), Objective-C (iOS app), SQL, PHP, Firebase


Replications Cycle Atlanta (first deployment), AustinSan Francisco
License Android App and iOS App GNU General Public License
Maintenance costs/month tbd
First steps 1. Read this article
2. Get your local planning commission onboard
3. Fork the code