DataLook for Data Nerds

Work with data in your day job, but wish you could hit the ground running using your skills to improve the world?

DataLook is a directory of replicable data-driven projects for social good where data do-gooders around the world can find inspiration how to use data and technology to address tough social challenges. While the individual projects are inspiring on their own, we love to see things scale and wondered how much the impact of an individual project would grow if its solution was replicated in a new city or repurposed to address a new issue.

That’s where you come in.

From preventing food poisoning with predictive analytics to helping pets get adopted faster by scraping and republishing open data, we’re looking for data lovers like you to iterate on and replicate our high-potential projects. Check out the different tags here on the right to find the right projects.

Our community is a mad dash of virtual volunteers collaborating around the world to repurpose and iterate on these solutions. If you too hate recreating the wheel and would rather help it build momentum, then join us to help scale these projects’ impact even further!

Ready? Set? GO
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Success stories
How the city of Düsseldorf potentially saves tens of thousands of Euros because one of our featured projects gets replicated. Hear the story on TEDx.

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